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Inspection of riverside leaking balcony

Perth Balcony Repair was asked to inspect a balcony that was leaking onto the unit below it at a riverside apartment block in Perth.

Inadequate waterproofing of the tiled balcony floor and floor to wall junctions, cracking throughout various areas of the balcony's structure and moisture penetration of these areas had led to the water ingress problem affecting the unit below.

Perth Balcony Repair offers a complete balcony repair service from inspection and diagnosis to carrying out the repairs needed, to Australian Standards.

It services residential, commercial, strata, heritage and publicly-owned properties in Perth, as well as those in the industrial sector and is built on 50 years' experience in the field, led by two registered builders and a registered architect.

Whether you're a home owner, property manager, strata manager or building facility manager, if you have a balcony problem contact Perth Balcony Repair today. Locally owned and operated, we're ready to serve you.


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