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Perth Building Repair is a subsidiary of parent holding company Consolidated Protective Coatings Pty Ltd - a leading provider of building maintenance services to Australian Standards since 1969.


A family business, locally-owned and operated, led by two registered builders, a registered architect and a registered painter Perth Building Repair offers property owners and property managers of residential, commercial, strata, heritage and publicly-owned buildings a repair and maintenance service exclusively catering to specialised building repairs.

Whether it be a single dwelling or multi-storey apartment block, tiled or timber, no balcony job is too big or too small for Perth Building Repair.

Suspected water leaks, rusted balustrades, damaged paint, cracked concrete, cracked brickwork or tiles, rotting timber boards, if something is concerning you about the condition of your building contact Perth Building Repair today for diagnosis and treatment.

Our longevity and reputation in the industry means you can trust us to do a good job, provide long-term solutions, and to provide you the outcome you expect.


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