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City apartment waterproofing and tiling project

Perth Balcony Repair has carried out waterproofing and tiling works at an inner city apartment.

The apartment initially had been experiencing moisture problems.

A Perth Balcony Repair investigation was carried out to determine if a waterproof membrane existed.

The results proved concerning.

Perth Balcony Repair set to work to remove the original tiles, adhesive, any remnants of the waterproof membrane and water-blogged screed and prepare the surfaces for the installation of new screed, a waterproof membrane and new tiles - all to Australian Standards.

While the new screed and waterproof membrane was being installed, the owner was offered a selection of modern tiles to choose from for the new look courtyard.

If you're concerned about water issues at your balcony, contact Perth Balcony Repair today.

Based on 50 years' experience in waterproofing Perth properties to Australian Standards, we won't let you down.


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