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Northbridge balcony waterproofing and tiling works

Perth Balcony Repair has been carrying out restoration works at an apartment building in Northbridge.

The maintenance works have been in response to water ingress problems being experienced at the multi-storey property.

Perth Balcony Repair initially carried out a destructive investigation to see what lay beneath one of the tiles at a balcony belonging to one of the apartments.

It was discovered that the waterproof membrane which should normally appear present underneath the tiles, had almost disappeared completely providing no protection against water penetration of the slab below.

As can be seen in the above image, very little trace of the light blue waterproof coating is visible. All that remains is the adhesive and water-logged screed below it.

An ineffective or inexistent waterproof membrane not only leads to water ingress problems like water leaks, paint damage, efflorescence and other surface damage but also more serious structural problems such as concrete cancer which can ultimately affect the structural integrity of a building and create significant safety and liability issues.

Perth Balcony Repair removed all the original tiles and screed at the balcony, prepared the surface, installed new screed and ensured the falls were suitable before installing a new waterproof membrane and new tiles.

Adequate drainage of the area was also ensured to prevent pooling and further water ingress problems.

As can be seen by the photos below, the balcony looks brand new but this time is better protected against water penetration and property damage.


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