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Waterproof before the winter rains

There's nothing worse than having a leaking ceiling with buckets of water filling up fast all over your living room floor. Tenants don't appreciate it either.

Sometimes water leaks can be connected with something abnormal that's happening at your balcony.

Balconies need to be waterproofed.

Without waterproofing protection balconies can undergo structural damage, from water leaks to the more serious concrete cancer.

While waterproofing is supposed to occur during the construction stage of a development, it's not uncommon in Perth to see balconies belonging to new or young properties that haven't been waterproofed.

In other cases, sometimes the balcony has been waterproofed but not correctly or the best products weren't used causing the same water ingress problems to occur as if they hadn't been waterproofed at all.

If you're concerned about whats happening at your property, contact Perth Balcony Repair today and stay dry this winter and every other year.



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